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What is the difference between Crawling & Indexing?

What is the difference between crawling & indexing? Quite a lot actually. Andrew explains the finer details of crawling vs indexing. In short, crawling does not equal indexing. In fact, the two are very different and used in different ways by the search engines.

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5 Favourite & Highly Advantageous On-Page & Off-Page SEO Strategies – Episode 1

File: First Vlog for the Ask Glynos SEO/Digital Marketing Show – Episode One

Speaker: [00:00] Hey guys, welcome to the first Ask Glynos SEO, and obviously, I’m completely new to this whole video production thing. So, I doubt that I’ll get right,; I even got my sunglasses on, how fun is that? Basically, thisThis is going to be the first video on a SEO series that I’m starting on YouTube,. I may do snippets here and there, or I’ll take off and I’ll put it on other platforms.

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