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How subdomains and subfolders impact your SEO?

What are subdomains and subfolders?

We need to define subdomains and subfolders in order to understand how they affect SEO. Sub-domains are folders that contains website files. Subdirectories are folders contained within the main ROOT directory (such as ). Subdomains are basically child domains that are part of a primary domain (such as

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5 Favourite & Highly Advantageous On-Page & Off-Page SEO Strategies – Episode 1

File: First Vlog for the Ask Glynos SEO/Digital Marketing Show – Episode One

Speaker: [00:00] Hey guys, welcome to the first Ask Glynos SEO, and obviously, I’m completely new to this whole video production thing. So, I doubt that I’ll get right,; I even got my sunglasses on, how fun is that? Basically, thisThis is going to be the first video on a SEO series that I’m starting on YouTube,. I may do snippets here and there, or I’ll take off and I’ll put it on other platforms.

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