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15 tips for your next SEO Website Audit

Here are some great tips on how to perform your own SEO website audit:

  1. First Impressions & Understanding Your Audience Behaviour – It may seem pretty obvious that audiences are a vital aspect to any website, but unless you enter into the minds of how your audiences view and navigate through your site, you may not be maximising your audience engagement and conversion rates.Ultimately you want to guide your audiences to relevant sections of your website which may seem simple, but unless a shift on usability is focused on you’ll find audiences quickly clicking the ‘back’ button or leaving your website earlier than expected or intended.
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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO Today

If you are a business owner it is likely you have a to-do-list that is simply endless. As quickly as you cross things off with satisfaction you are just as quickly adding to it. There are some things that can sit at the bottom of the list and there are some things that just should not. Any business owner with a website will know just how important keeping on top of your website is. But for many it is easier said than done.

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All SEO’s start with a philosophy and not a strategy

We are constantly surprised by the amount of clients who have been damaged by a company’s search engine optimisation practices. In 2014, surely an SEO analyst and his company must understand or at least acknowledge that search engines are far more advanced at detecting and monitoring dodgy black hat techniques than in the past. We ultimately want to inspire change within the SEO industry.

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How can SEO & inbound marketing help your business?

With the world booming, social media and technology growing in popularity and an increasing amount of businesses trying to reach for success that just finding a way to stand out in the crowd in an abundance of competitors to expand your business can be a hard task. An increasing amount of businesses are moving towards the world of the internet to promote and showcase their content to a technological driven audience. Websites are the virtual shopfronts that drive success in today’s marketplace, but here is a thought, what is a shopfront without a sign? Is it enough to only have a bare website floating around on the internet waiting to be noticed? This is where SEO becomes a priority.

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Why SEO is still an important marketing tactic in 2015 and beyond

You have probably heard the rumours that SEO is dying or perhaps already in the grave. This is completely false and could not be any further from the truth. This article will explain why it is still a very important marketing tactic and how it is even more important that you choose the right provider who understands business from a top down perspective, modern marketing strategies, engagement methods and your particular company. Let’s go on and explain a brief history of SEO.

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