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How To Think About SEO & Digital Marketing in 2020

I have had a few calls in the last few months from potential clients ranging from installing solar lights, private investigators to driving school instructors and the confusion between DIGITAL MARKETING and SALES is quite staggering.

These business owners are calling up trying to figure out why their current SEO provider is not generating them leads after 3 years which, to be honest, I understand their frustration.

However, the discussions that should have been happening at that time are over the importance of content marketing. Are you telling interesting stories about your business, what solutions does your business solve (more than your services pages please), how you’re different vs your competitors? When I delve into that rant, the silence on the other end is deafening.

I am not a cold calling salesman. I don’t know the first thing about sales. In fact, my “SEO PROPOSAL” sucks. I am a marketer who loves to work with businesses who have a great business and just need to tell people about it.

I AM the guy at parties who rather listen to interesting stories than to demonstrate my terrible moves on the dance floor.

As a digital marketer, I am not focused on the ten keywords you think will boost sales. I am interested in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS STORY!

Let’s discuss how your business should approach marketing in particular SEO and content marketing in 2020. Below are
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Author: Andrew Glyntzos

The sole purpose of Omega Digital is to empower our clients by providing digital marketing expertise to advance their lead generation and business growth objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help them achieve enhanced profitability and positive returns to their online marketing investment. Andrew Glyntzos (founder of Omega Digital) has been heavily involved with the deployment of many online marketing campaigns stretching across many different industries. Andrew has worked with both national and international companies including Bing Lee, Kennards Self Storage and Recall.

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