What Is SEO and How Does it Work in 2020 ? [Video included]
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What is SEO & How Does it Work?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”.

How does SEO WORK?

  1. Technical On-site Optimisation & Enhancements. Pagespeed, UX and many other improvements/
  2. New content creation.
  3. Understanding detailed data. Knowing how to USE data is a great SEO advantage.
  4. Link building. Building and creating strategies to generate ONE-WAY links to your website.
  5. Keyword research. Knowing which keywords are important to your business is fundamental and watching out for new trends.
  6. Competitive analysis

The SEO video below is a podcast that is targeted at SEO Beginners.

Andrew discusses the importance of content marketing and storytelling and how to approach SEO & Digital Marketing in 2020.

In business, you will hear about the term SEO a lot!

Search engine optimization can be stressful! And of course, we all want to be on page one of Google, but it is all about understanding the right approach and mindset when it comes to SEO!

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Author: Andrew Glyntzos

The sole purpose of Omega Digital is to empower our clients by providing digital marketing expertise to advance their lead generation and business growth objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help them achieve enhanced profitability and positive returns to their online marketing investment. Andrew Glyntzos (founder of Omega Digital) has been heavily involved with the deployment of many online marketing campaigns stretching across many different industries. Andrew has worked with both national and international companies including Bing Lee, Kennards Self Storage and Recall.

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