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[step by step] How to Create a link for Customers to Leave Google Reviews?

This is actually quite a common question we get from clients. Below will help you.

1. Visit https://support.google.com/business/answer/7035772?hl=en

Take note of the following point in the google article:

The <place_id> will be replaced with your locations Identification

2. Search for your business in the address bar (like we have below) and click the listing you wish to collect reviews for:


3. Copy the id for your chosen location:


Our ID is ChIJl4UOxG-5EmsRFl4v84QQnfA

So our URL to share with clients is as follows. https://search.google.com/local/writereview?placeid=ChIJl4UOxG-5EmsRFl4v84QQnfA

Shout out if you have any questions below or if the article has helped you 🙂

Author: Andrew Glyntzos

The sole purpose of Omega Digital is to empower our clients by providing digital marketing expertise to advance their lead generation and business growth objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help them achieve enhanced profitability and positive returns to their online marketing investment. Andrew Glyntzos (founder of Omega Digital) has been heavily involved with the deployment of many online marketing campaigns stretching across many different industries. Andrew has worked with both national and international companies including Bing Lee, Kennards Self Storage and Recall.

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